'cause i'm addicted to my fantasy

and i'm best friends with insanity.

     John Paciga started playing piano at the age of four, singing at the age of eleven, and writing his own songs at the age of thirteen. Surprisingly, he hated piano lessons when he first began playing, but with encouragement from his family, he kept at it. In sixth grade, he reluctantly decided to audition for his school’s musical in response to a last-minute suggestion from his friends. Hence, Paciga began his acting career as Schroeder in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (how fitting!). In eighth grade, on a whim, he tried his hand at songwriting and wrote his first original song, “Keep the Memories Alive,” which his class performed at their graduation ceremony. In hindsight, it was pretty cheesy in every way, but it got the ball rolling and it’s all history from there. Paciga began to discover his skill and hone his craft as he entered high school. Today, he is passionately pursuing a career as a songwriter, musician, and performer, operating out of his dorm room at Yale University. 

      Paciga has written, directed, and acted in many shows at Delbarton School in Morristown, NJ, where he attended high school. At Delbarton he directed the Benedictones, a student a cappella group, for two years, and directed, hosted, and performed at Delbarton’s coffeehouse events, acting as the house accompanist. Paciga is a relentless creator who is always eager to share his work with others. 

      Paciga released his first-ever music video for an original fan-favorite, “Tickling the Ivories,” to kick off 2017. The video helped him to build momentum and a substantial following. That summer, Paciga took on his largest project yet and recorded a full-length album - Other Side of Town. John is always extremely excited to share his new music with the world, and hopes to reach an ever-growing audience with the heartfelt stories he tells with his songs.

      Paciga attended National YoungArts Week in January 2018 in Miami as a Finalist in the Voice/Singer-Songwriter category. He spent his summer in the studio (again), working on his second album, No Alibi, with producer Kyle Frey.  It dropped on October 26th, 2018. As a sophomore at Yale, Paciga is the music director of the Yale Spizzwinks(?), the world's oldest underclassmen a cappella group, and he may or may not be working on some new music...

      John has had Type 1 Diabetes for more than seven years. Learning to cope and adjust to the condition can be difficult and scary, so he hopes to be an inspiration to youths everywhere who are also Type 1. John believes that life with diabetes has actually molded him into a much stronger person than he would have become otherwise. Type 1 doesn’t have to make you feel small or marginalized; when you use it as a source of individuality and empowerment, it becomes a force that will help you overcome even greater difficulties that lie ahead.

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