Nineteen-year-old John Paciga is a songwriter, pianist, singer, and actor from Annandale, NJ. Influenced by piano-pop legends such as Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Jukebox the Ghost, Paciga’s style is piano-centric pop rock, infused with a theatrical Broadway vibe. From rollicking romps like "The F-Word" to radiant ballads like "Melody," his songs are just as eager to surprise as they are to entertain.

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“No One Else” opens on a brawny, infectious piano-rock melody reminiscent of Billy Joel, only with more muscular heft emanating from the potent guitars. I love the elegant jazzy blues-laced piano, sparkling with oodles of radiance. Flowing strings infuse the tune with quixotic streams of color, as Paciga and Pappas merge their dazzling voices into a grand sonic concoction.

~Randall Radic,

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