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John Paciga is a Nashville-based songwriter, pianist, singer, composer, and proud member and co-founder of Hometowne Music Group. Influenced by piano-pop legends such as Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Queen, Paciga’s style is piano-centric pop rock, infused with a theatrical flare. From rollicking piano romps like "Big Hit Song" to radiant ballads like "Since I Felt Your Love," his songs are just as eager to surprise as they are to entertain.


Jacked with an affectionate swing and a vocal-powered hook that could melt the hearts of anyone with a taste for power pop, John Paciga’s “Big Hit Song” is everything its title would imply and more. In choosing to steer clear of the standard frills that his peers would just as soon fashion an entire career around, Paciga not only distinguishes himself from the masses in this release, but further adds to his eminence in the American underground. 

~Michael Stover,

“No One Else” opens on a brawny, infectious piano-rock melody reminiscent of Billy Joel, only with more muscular heft emanating from the potent guitars. I love the elegant jazzy blues-laced piano, sparkling with oodles of radiance. Flowing strings infuse the tune with quixotic streams of color, as Paciga and Pappas merge their dazzling voices into a grand sonic concoction.

~Randall Radic,

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